Bananagrams Releases Branded Beer

Narragansett Beer
Narragansett Beer / Narragansett Beer

It’s never advisable to play word games while inebriated, but if you do, you might as well stick to a theme. Bananagrams, the portable word game that's celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, recently released a Bananagrams Beer as a licensed tie-in product.

Weird? A little. But And it has a lot to do with their geography.

According to Bananagrams CEO Rena Nathanson, the company was presented with an adult beverage opportunity as a result of being near the Rhode Island-based Narragansett Beer, which has been issuing a series of tie-in brews under their “Hi Neighbor!” label. It's not kid-friendly, but Nanthanson told that the board and analog game category is increasingly driving business from adult players at board game cafes and pubs.

“Indeed, the very notion of ‘family’ is such an evolving thing, taking on so many guises in the modern world,” Nathanson said. “While children remain at the heart of what we do, we recognize that ‘family’ for many is their extended friendship networks which may include no children at all, and that what we once saw as traditional ‘family time’ now often takes the form of get-togethers with friends at home or in restaurants and pubs.”

The 16-ounce oversized can of brew is a German variation with wheat malt and, according to Narragansett, “notes” of banana. You can find it in six-packs in and around New England, Florida, and as far as Tennessee.