This Guy Is Going to Wear All the Trash He Produces for a Month on His Body

Rob Greenfield via Kickstarter
Rob Greenfield via Kickstarter / Rob Greenfield via Kickstarter

The average American throws away more than 4 pounds of trash over the course of a day. To visualize just how wasteful modern life is, activist Rob Greenfield plans to make himself into a walking, talking display of overconsumption. For a whole month, he’s going to attach all the trash he produces to his body and wear it around, Tree Hugger reports.

Greenfield’s project, “Trash Me!” will be made into a six-episode web series by the nonprofit film studio Living One, aimed at convincing Americans to reduce their waste and environmental impact.

According to Greenfield’s Kickstarter campaign:

He'll eat, shop, and consume just like the average American which produces 4.5 pounds of trash per day. The catch? He has to wear every piece of trash he creates. That's over 30 pounds of trash on his body by the end of the first week and nearly 140 pounds by the end of the month (almost his body weight)! Every coffee cup, plastic bag, pizza box, every single piece of trash he creates will be on his body, everywhere he goes.

That “like the average American” detail is important, because Greenfield is the kind of environmental activist who loves dumpster diving and has previously trimmed his possessions down to 111 items, lived in a 50-square-foot tiny house, and gone an entire year without using indoor plumbing to bathe.

By the end of the month, he’ll be wearing about 135 pounds of trash, and the Kickstarter campaign acknowledges that he may need a forklift just to get around. Whether or not he can walk by the end of the month, the series is sure to make you want to run out and invest in products you’ll never have to throw away.

[h/t Tree Hugger]

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