The 'Full House' Home Is Up for Rent

Erik Söderström via Flickr//CC BY 2.0
Erik Söderström via Flickr//CC BY 2.0 / Erik Söderström via Flickr//CC BY 2.0

Have mercy! According to The New York Observer, Full House fans in San Francisco can now rent the Victorian house whose exterior was featured as the Tanner family home. The abode’s new owners are advertising a one-year lease for the property on Craigslist through real estate firm Elite Leasing—and if its monthly rent of $13,950 doesn’t make you say “No way, Jose,” it can be yours.

The home is located at the corner of Broderick and Pine Streets, a short walk from Alamo Square park. Architect Charles Lewis Hinkel built the home in 1883, and today it’s considered “one of the city’s finest examples of preserved Italianate, Victorian architecture,” Elite Leasing's Craigslist post states. Last summer, the house sold for $4 million—and while it’s now painted blue instead of white, it still resembles the residence we all nostalgically remember from TV.

Filming never occurred inside the "Full House” home, so you’re likely wondering what its interior looks like. It contains three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and plenty of luxurious kitchen amenities. (Full-size wine refrigerator, anyone?) Outside, there’s a backyard garden and a one-car garage. The house is currently unfurnished, but judging by the pictures below, its prior owners had much fancier decorating taste than the Tanners.

The house is available for rent ASAP, and you’ll need to shell out a nearly $28,000 security deposit. Visit the Craigslist posting for more details. Got it, dude?

Photos courtesy of Elite Leasing.

[h/t New York Observer]

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