Disney Once Considered Building a Myst-Inspired Theme Park

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Here’s a cool bit of trivia for computer game fans: In a new interview with Rand Miller—who, along with his brother, Robyn Miller, co-created the bestselling computer game Myst in the early 1990s—The A.V. Club discovered that Disney once considered turning the point-and-click adventure puzzle into a real-life theme park.

For years, it was rumored that Walt Disney Imagineering, the research and development arm of The Walt Disney Company, once toyed with the idea of transforming an area in or around the Walt Disney World resort into a Myst theme park, /Film reports. When The A.V. Club's William Hughes ran the gossip by Rand Miller during the recent interview, he confirmed it as “absolutely true.” Sadly for Myst fans, the park never became a reality—and you can find out why by reading the Myst co-creator's response below.

"At some point, there were some really cool plans to do some stuff with Disney. We were looking at it as the ultimate incarnation of our world. Basically, there was a place down in Florida—it’s one of the island areas that they had that wasn’t used very much. But it had some walkways among trees, and an island area, and we went down and looked at it and walked around it, and it was incredibly Myst-like. It was perfect for Myst. So we were all excited. Their Imagineering team was excited about embracing that and building some stuff into it and tying it into the rest of the park, where you could explore and have this real-world experience. But, the way Disney works, and the way it had to fit in with their bigger scheme of things, and the way we didn’t understand pieces of it, I think it fell apart from their point of view. That was a very exciting time. It was cool to try to pull that off."

Check out the entire interview over at The A.V. Club’s website.

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