In-N-Out Is Coming to London for Four Hours

Tommaso Boddi // Getty Images for John Varvatos
Tommaso Boddi // Getty Images for John Varvatos / Tommaso Boddi // Getty Images for John Varvatos

In-N-Out, the West Coast burger chain with a cult-like following, only has locations in California, Arizona, and a very select number of major cities in Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Texas. But for a brief few hours, London burger fans can get a Double-Double, too. In-N-Out will be hosting a pop-up burger shop on September 21 at the Brazilian steakhouse Estancia Brasil in London’s Swiss Cottage neighborhood, according to the Camden New Journal

Burgers will only be served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and prospective eaters can expect a line. In 2012, the U.S. burger chain installed a London pop-up in an Italian restaurant in the suburb of Hendon, and the event attracted hundreds of people who waited in line for two hours for a taste of that special sauce. The UK isn’t the only country to be graced with Animal Style fries for a brief moment, either. The company’s international tour of surprise burger stands has included stops in Sydney—where fans lined up at 4 a.m.—the Philippines, Tokyo, Toronto, and more. 

The manager of the Brazilian restaurant where the latest London pop-up is being held, however, might be a little taken aback by the fervor. He told the New Journal that he had never heard of the company, and just knows that it’s “going to do some type of, well, American food.”

And come Wednesday afternoon, the restaurant will go back to being a steakhouse. There are no plans for an international In-N-Out (or an East Coast In-N-Out), but the temporary burger stands are sure to convert overseas foodies into In-N-Out pilgrims, ready to fly all the way to California for another taste.

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