11 Spooky Skull Products for Halloween

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Halloween is coming up, and that means it's time to get spooky. Stock up on these skull-themed products to celebrate the holiday.


This spoon, which has eye and nose holes, creates the image of a skull when you scoop up sugar. Created by SUCK UK, the utensil was designed specifically to warn that eating too much sugar is a bad idea.

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For super spooky imbibing, consider purchasing this handblown shot glass; it contains an ominous looking skull that holds 2.5 ounces of booze.

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These skulls might be dead, but your phone doesn't have to be. Plug it in using this charger, which is adorned with eight skulls that light up when plugged in. The cord works with most Apple products, and thanks to its 46-inch length, you'll have a lot of freedom to move your phone around while it's charging.

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4. ICE MOLDS; $10

Whether you're making a bubbling cauldron filled with Halloween punch or just a creepy cocktail for yourself, you're going to need ice—why not make it the creepy kind? These study silicone ice molds produce two 3D skull shapes and are safe to put in your microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

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The next time you have to open a bottle, use this opener. It has two skulls: One to hold on to and one to chomp off bottle caps. It's hand cast out of bronze and sure to be a conversation starter.

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This skull-and-crossbones infuser simultaneously steeps your tea leaves and warns others to stay away from your mug.

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7. NEON LIGHT; $129

Spruce up your desk with a cool neon light shaped like a skull. The handmade light is 15 inches tall and comes with a 6-foot cord.

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Nothing is spookier—or more delicious—than life-sized, anatomically correct skulls made out of chocolate. These treats come in three varieties of Belgian chocolate—milk, dark, or chili—and are dusted in cocoa. Each is created using a mold cast from a real skull, and each has different characteristics, like cracks or missing teeth.

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9. BATH BOMB; $5

If you were intrigued by the black bath bomb, you might also like this equally creepy bath bomb shaped like a skull. It has a wood-spicy smell, which was created with natural oils, and it's sulfate free.

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When decorating for your Halloween party this year, make sure to pick up this string of skull lights in addition to fake spider webs. The 7.5-foot-long cord takes two AA batteries, so you don't need to worry about an outlet.

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11. EGG MOLD; $9

Even breakfast can be spooky! Serve up two fried eggs in the shape of a skull—the yolks become the eyes and the white becomes the bone. For bonus points, arrange some strips of bacon to form crossbones.

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