Alice in Wonderland Edition Features Illustrations by Salvador Dalí

Princeton University Press
Princeton University Press / Princeton University Press

It's almost impossible to think about Lewis Carroll's 1865 classic Alice in Wonderland without calling to mind the iconic illustrations that accompanied the story. Carroll drew the artwork himself, but that hasn't stopped other artists from taking a crack at visualizing the colorful world of Wonderland. Now you can purchase a copy featuring one of the more notable artistic takes, rendered by the world's most famous Surrealist, Salvador Dalí.

Alice was first published in 1865, and a century later in 1969, an editor at Random House realized that the absurd and dreamlike subject matter of the book perfectly matched the playful work of Dalí. The artist was commissioned to create 12 illustrations—one for the first page and then one for each chapter—for a special edition of Alice in Wonderland, meant for Random House's book-of-the-month series. It was published on a small scale and, for a long time, was a rare collectible.

The edition, complete with Dalí's colorful heliogravures, has been brought to the public in honor of Alice's 150th anniversary last year. Princeton University Press re-released the book, this time with introductions by Mark Burstein, the president of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and mathematician Thomas Banchoff.

You can order the edition online on Amazon.

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