These Wireless Headphones Are Shaped Like Ears

Human / Human

A Seattle startup called Human wants to make wearable technologies inspired by, well, humans. Their first product is a pair of wireless headphones called Sound, inspired by the structure of the human ear. Instead of earbuds that sit within the ear, or bulky headphones that sit atop the ear, the Sound headphones encompass the ear, fitting snugly in a way that’s designed to feel more natural.

The headphones, WIRED reports, are currently available for preorder on Indiegogo. In addition to their unique shape, the Sound comes with a range of interesting features: "Social" mode allows users to listen to the same music together or share sounds with each other, while "Fade" mode allows users to adjust how much ambient noise the headphones allow in. The headphones can even be snapped together to create a miniature portable speaker. Users can manage what they're listening to by tapping and swiping the headphones themselves, or by using an app.

On Indiegogo, company founders Joe Dieter and Ben Willis claim that their Sound device is more than a set of headphones—it’s designed to feel like it’s part of your body. "Sound is the evolution of personal audio," the IndieGogo campaign reads. "Rather than build another bulky headphone or easily-lost plastic earbud, Human is building a fresh design that comfortably and securely attaches to the ear, combines multiple industry-bending functions, and acts as an extension of the human body."

[h/t WIRED]

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