Hipster-Themed Convenience Store Opens in Portland

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Are you a Portland resident or visitor who's frustrated that you can’t find Lion Heart kombucha on tap, or naturally sweetened plantain and lentil chips in your neighborhood? You might want to make a trip to Mini Mini, a hipster-themed shop that sells locally sourced products, Vice’s Munchies reports.

The idea behind the store came from former Stumptown coffee shop workers Jonathan Felix-Lund and Matt Brown, who co-own the shop with Aaron Draplin, the graphic designer behind Field Notes. After a few negative experiences at gas stations during a cross country trip, the pair decided they wanted to create a space that was more enjoyable than a standard convenience store.

"If it looks good, it feels better," Felix-Lund explained to Munchies. "The lighting in most convenience stores is really harsh; people get in and get out, and customers deserve a place that feels clean. Most convenience stores are gross."

While the store offers items you can buy at any convenience store, Mini Mini also features local artisanal products, such as Salt & Straw ice cream, Stumptown coffee, and Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches, as well as Double Mountain beer on tap and Hot pocket-like "Quickie Pies" from Portland’s Sizzle Pie Pizza (who also co-owns Mini Mini).

Still, the founders promise that those special offerings doesn't come at an extra cost.

"People think Mini Mini’s going to be expensive because it’s nice, but we will fill up your growler for $7 with local cider and beer," Brown insisted. "Nothing in this store is over 20 bucks."

Mini Mini hopes to expand to more areas around Portland and to tailor each convenience store experience to the needs of each neighborhood.

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