The Water-Gen Device Makes Water From Air

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An Israeli company called Water-Gen has created a device that produces fresh drinking water from water vapor in the air. Business Insider reports that the company, founded by Arye Kohavi, wants to help bring clean drinking water to regions experiencing water shortages.

The water generator, which comes in three sizes, uses plastic “leaves” to cool the air and then collects the resulting condensation. On an 80°F day with 60 percent humidity, the largest size can produce up to 825 gallons of water. The smallest, meanwhile, is able to produce 4 gallons under the same circumstances. While a warmer, more humid climate allows the generators to produce more water, the technology still works in cool, dry environments—albeit at a slower rate.

While the smallest water generator is designed for homes and offices, Kohavi hopes to collaborate with national governments to bring the largest generators to areas without enough potable water. The company is currently running tests in several cities, including Mumbai, Shanghai, and Mexico City. Kohavi told Business Insider his goal is to make the devices available throughout Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

“Water from air is for places that you don’t have any water to filter,” Kohavi told Business Insider. “We think our solution can solve the problem on the level of countries. It’s an immediate solution—governments don’t need to spend decades to make a big project.”

[h/t Business Insider]