Create a Custom Budget Based On Your Income and City

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If you’ve caught a case of wanderlust and are looking for a new city to call home, a website called The Earth Awaits wants to help you plan your move. Created by travel blogger The Frugal Vagabond, the new website lets users search for cities based on lifestyle and income, and generates detailed budgets for life in cities around the world.

The website, which aggregates data from sources like Numbeo, lets users search for cities based on factors like monthly income, family size, quality of life, and language. For each city, The Earth Awaits provides information on population size, pollution levels, crime rates, transportation options, and overall quality of life.

It also lets users calculate detailed monthly budgets based on the cost of living in each city. Users can automatically generate budgets based on how “lean” or “opulent” their ideal lifestyle is, or create a custom budget by entering the quantities of goods they purchase each month. For each city, The Earth Awaits adjusts its calculations based on the average cost of housing, transportation, and goods ranging from a loaf of bread to a pair of running shoes. That makes it the perfect tool for people looking to compare the cost of living in different cities, as well as those working on creating a monthly budget for the city they currently call home.

[h/t Lifehacker]