How Much Would It Cost to Upgrade to a Larger Apartment?

Drew Angerer//Getty Images
Drew Angerer//Getty Images / Drew Angerer//Getty Images

Upgrading from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom can mean the difference between living entirely on top of your bed and being able to actually eat dinner at a kitchen table. You might even be able to host guests! But depending on where you live, making the jump to bigger digs can cost a hefty sum.

The housing listing site RENTCafé pulled data from its research-oriented sister site Yardi Matrix to figure out exactly how much money you’d have to spend—and how much space you’d really be getting—if you wanted to upgrade from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom in one of the U.S.’s 25 biggest cities. The numbers are all averages, so they’re not exact predictions, but they do give you a sense of how vastly different real estate markets across the country can be.

You can adjust the interactive graphic below to view the upgrade costs for each city or the increase in space that you'd see in a one-bedroom compared to a studio, either by percentage or in square feet.

The good news? In Charlotte, one-bedroom apartments are actually $27 cheaper than studios, on average. Less exciting? In New York City, you get only 190 square feet more for almost $1200. In San Francisco, you’d need to pay $778, on average, but you'd also get comparatively more space—243 square feet.

To see the differences in one-bedroom and two-bedroom prices and sizes, check out the data at RENTCafé.

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