Japanese Brewery Makes Beer That Tells You When to Drink It

Suntory Japan
Suntory Japan / Suntory Japan

Just as certain beers are best enjoyed during certain seasons, there are some beers that taste best at a particular time. Light beers like pale lagers are great for day drinking, while darker and hoppier beers are best saved for the evening. Brewing company Suntory Japan decided to take these unwritten rules and make them official: They now sell beers meant to be consumed at very specific times.

The new "Hop Time 6:00 p.m." and "Hop Time 9:00 p.m." give these instructions right in the name. Hop Time 6:00 p.m. was specially brewed to drink as the sun goes down; thanks to Hallertau Blanc hops and a late hopping process, the beer is meant to pair perfectly with a sunset. It also sports a bright orange can to further sell the point. Meanwhile, the 9:00 p.m. version wears a darker design on the can that shows a night sky. Citra hops give the beer a smooth floral and citrusy flavor meant to give the feeling of stargazing on a crisp evening.

As you might have guessed, these timely beers are only available in Japan for the time being. While we wait for the trend to come stateside, we'll have to just make due with the old "it's five o'clock somewhere" strategy.

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