A New Alfred Hitchcock-Inspired TV Show is In the Works

Wikimedia Commons//Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons//Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons//Public Domain

Alfred Hitchcock fans, rejoice: A new TV series, inspired by The Master of Suspense, is in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The late director’s estate has forged a deal with Universal Cable Productions to create an anthology series titled Welcome to Hitchcock. Each season will feature a single ongoing mystery or crime, inspired by iconic films like The Birds (1963) and Psycho (1960).

“Long after his death, Alfred Hitchcock continues to be one of the most celebrated directors and visionaries in the world, a master manipulator of the macabre,” Dawn Olmstead, executive vice president of development at Universal Cable Productions, said in a statement quoted by THR. “We’re honored that the Hitchcock Estate has put its trust in our studio to pay homage to his work.”

Chris Columbus's production company, 1492 Pictures/Ocean Blue Entertainment, will join the project, along with TV production company Vermilion Entertainment. Columbus, who wrote The Goonies and Gremlins, will direct Welcome to Hitchcock and serve as one of its executive producers. His past directing efforts include the first two Harry Potter movies, as well as Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and Home Alone (1990).

This isn’t the first time a Hitchcock-themed TV show has hit the small screen: In 2013, the drama Bates Motel—which features characters based on figures from Hitchcock’s most famous film, Psycho (1960)—premiered on cable channel A&E. Produced by Universal Television, it's slated to enter its fifth and final season in 2017. 

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

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