An Hour of Matthew McConaughey Watching Rain, Sipping Coffee

YouTube // Auralnauts
YouTube // Auralnauts / YouTube // Auralnauts

Sometimes we all just need to slow down. When that happens, I like to pull up this calming video in which Matthew McConaughey stares at the rain, sips coffee, and contemplates life.

A little backstory first, though. This video is several layers deep in remix culture. The original source was a 30-second TV commercial for the Lincoln MKZ entitled "Diner." As the MKZ ads go, it's unremarkable; the main event is when the rain stops and McConaughey gets to open his sun-roof.

Then things got weird.

The Auralnauts took it upon themselves to make a five-minute version of the ad, extending every shot to the extreme, adding ambient music, adding new narration (by Jon Bailey), and turning the thing into what they dub McConaughey's "existential crisis." It's brilliant.

Finally, that five-minute video turned into an hour-long masterpiece by YouTuber AmbientPopstar. It's the kind of thing you can (and should) play as background sound while you work. Or, heck, play it at your next party. It is an hour long, after all. Enjoy, and "look at all that rain."


This is the "slow video" you've been looking for.


For reference, here's the cut by the Auralnauts. Don't drink while watching this, you'll do a spit-take.