Want to Log Your Meals? Just Snap a Photo With This App

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Forget Instagram likes, there’s now a better reason to snap a picture of your food. Lose It, a weight loss and calorie tracking app from Boston-based FitNow, Inc., recently released a new feature called Snap It that makes it easier to log all of your meals—just by taking a photo of your food, Engadget reports.

The new app uses advanced machine learning and the company’s database to identify meals and their calorie count solely from a photo. It can also log items by way of the bar code on food packaging and suggest low-calorie menu items available at nearby restaurants.

The app, currently in beta, boasts about an 87 to 97 percent accuracy rate within its dataset and offers users a list of suggestions if it doesn’t get it right the first time. The company hopes that with more use, the app will be able to build a better database and eventually become more precise.

“Ultimately we want to make understanding your diet as simple as Fitbit made understanding your activity,” FitNow, Inc. CEO Charles Teague said. “Snap It is going to give us the opportunity to reach a whole new set of users that may have found tracking frustrating or might’ve never even tried it because it seemed too time consuming. When tracking is a simple as snapping a picture, it becomes accessible to nearly everyone.”

Lose It is free in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

[h/t Engadget]

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