The Most Popular Delivery Food in Each State

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It’s hard to think of "pizza" without thinking of "delivery." No matter where you live in America, it probably seems as if your local pizzerias have a lock on the food delivery game—and with good reason: The very first pizza delivery dates all the way back to 1889 (Italy's Queen Margherita was the lucky recipient). But as online delivery services like GrubHub and DoorDash have made it easier for lazy-but-hungry diners to order what they want, when they want, we’re seeing lots of new culinary patterns emerging.

To find out exactly what Americans are chowing down on at home, Eater asked GrubHub—which facilitates more than 270,000 orders per day in more than 1000 cities across the country—to analyze their data and determine the most popular delivery foods in each state. The results just might surprise you.


While pizza is undoubtedly a staple delivery dish—it’s the most popular item in 12.5 percent of the states studied—it was bested by both Chinese food, which took 15 percent of the states, and chicken, which topped the list, and is a wide-ranging category that includes chicken tenders and wings.

A quick glance at the map reveals a number of regional trends; according to Eater, the three most popular delivery dishes in Wisconsin are full of cheese, with cheese curds taking the top spot. Does your favorite delivery dinner follow the lead of your neighbors, or are you a culinary trendsetter? Check the map below to find out.


[h/t Eater]