Watch This Cute Dancing Spider Entrance His Mate

YouTube // Deep Look
YouTube // Deep Look / YouTube // Deep Look

It's not often that I'd describe a spider as "cute," but this male jumping spider is an adorable little arachnid. He doesn't spin webs, but he does spin on the dance floor. He even makes a form of music, audible only to spiders, to augment his dance. Deep Look writes (emphasis added):

... If she likes what she sees, the female may allow him to mate. But things can also go terribly wrong for these eight-legged suitors. She might decide to attack him, or even eat him for lunch. Cannibalism is the result about seven percent of the time. ...

In this 4K Ultra-HD video, we get to look at jumping spiders getting into the groove. Enjoy:

For more on these spiders (and the studies that inspired this video), check out KQED Science's blog post on the topic.