Prince's Urn Is a Small-Scale Replica of Paisley Park


Prince’s ashes will spend the rest of eternity in Paisley Park. As People reports, the late singer’s remains are now interred in a custom-designed urn that’s a small-scale replica of Prince’s elaborate private estate and production complex in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, and nephew President Nelson teamed up with Foreverence—a Minnesota-based firm that uses 3D printing technology to make custom ceramic funeral urns—in order to design the receptacle. At 14 inches high by 18 inches long, the urn frame is the spitting image of Prince’s beloved home, right down to the glass skylights. It’s also decorated with Prince’s signature Love Symbol. (Naturally, it’s purple and bedazzled with crystals.) As for Prince’s ashes, they are stored inside the building’s front column.

The details don't end there. Open the urn’s front wall, and inside you’ll find a faithful, dollhouse-sized reproduction of Paisley Park’s atrium, complete with white ornamental doves, working lights, a tiled floor emblazoned with a Love Symbol, and a replica of the late musician’s purple Yamaha piano.

Prince's urn is now on display at the late singer's home, which re-opened last week as a museum dedicated to the artist’s legacy. Check out some pictures below.

[h/t People]

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