British Phone Booth Transformed Into ‘World’s Smallest Museum'


It doesn’t take long for guests to explore the contents of the newly-opened Warley Museum in West Yorkshire, England. That’s because the museum, which formerly served as a telephone booth, only has room to accommodate one visitor at a time.

As The Telegraph reports, the museum started as a passion project for the Warley Community Association (WCA). The WCA assumed the booth from British Telecommunications after the company decided to pull the plug on 43 phone booths in the area.

Instead of repurposing the space into a salad shop or a tiny office, the town decided to make it into a museum dedicated to local history. Today the phone box is filled with items like photographs, antique jewelry, and glass etchings, which anyone can stop in to admire. Every three months, the artifacts will be switched out to fit a new theme.

The museum claims to be the world’s smallest, but the WCA is still waiting to hear back from the Guinness World Records committee for the official designation. Other institutions that have brandished the title include a 134-square-foot shed in Superior, Arizona and an old freight-elevator shaft in New York City.

[h/t The Telegraph]

All Images via Twitter.

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