19 Perfectly Black Products to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

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It's almost Halloween, so that means surrounding yourself with all things spooky. Embrace your inner goth with these sleek black items.


These monochromatic cards are perfect for a spooky game of Blackjack. The designs are printed on the matte cards in a glossy ink. They're a little difficult to decipher, but are still very cool looking.

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2. TISSUES; $13

If most of your wardrobe is black, keep the theme going with these 2-ply tissues; each box contains 50.

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When trying to keep those fangs pearly-white, consider brushing with this black toothbrush, which has soft, charcoal-infused bristles.

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Show your love for black cats with these candles; when lit, they melt to reveal a spooky skeleton.

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If white toilet paper clashes with your bathroom's aesthetic, pick up these dark-hued rolls.

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6. POST-ITS; $12

Leave yourself some spooky reminders with black sticky notes—just make sure you pick up a metallic marker or gel pen so that you can see what you've written!

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7. SOAP; $12

This black soap has a whole array of different oils—from coconut to olive to almond—along with bamboo charcoal, licorice extract, aloe vera, and witch hazel.

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Cover a wall in a cloud of bats to give your home a creepy ambiance.

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These stamps create heart- and star-shaped temporary tattoos. The tats are water-resistant, but they come off with regular makeup remover when you're ready to switch it up.

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10. SHAMPOO; $43

This simple glass bottle of shampoo almost looks like an oily elixir. The charcoal absorbs dirt and excess oil to give hair a clean and light feeling.

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This elegant pair of metal bookends makes it look like a ghostly cat is walking right through your book collection.

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Why keep a normal skull on your desk when you can have one that alleviates clutter? This starkly black skull doubles as a bowl where you can keep all your extra knick-knacks (and potion ingredients).

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13. BAT LIGHTS; $18

These itty bitty bat lights are perfect for wrapping around bedposts, banisters, or anything else you want to spook-ify.

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14. CLOCK; $149

You'll never miss the witching hour after you hang this minimalist, battery-operated clock.

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15. CAT FLATS; $60

Yet another way to show your black cat love! These adorable ballet flats have cut out ears and the hint of a feline face.

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16. PUZZLE; $36

Puzzles featuring tropical landscapes or baby animals might be fine for some people, but if you're looking for something a little more difficult, you can attempt to put together this black and white gradient design.

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17. BAT MUG; $13

Breakfast can be a little more Halloween-y with the help of a bat-themed mug. The black cup features two wings from either side that will go great with your vampire style.

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18. BATH BOMB; $6

Who hasn't wanted to bathe in mysteriously black water? A quick dip will get you back to perfect witchy form.

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19. BAT BOOTIES; $70

These intense boots, which have removable black wings, are perfect for Halloween. Remove the wing and you can wear them on other days of the year, too.

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