Realistic Temporary Tattoos Help You Try Designs Before Committing

Rebecca O'Connell
Rebecca O'Connell / Rebecca O'Connell

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment: Whatever design and place you decide for your tattoo is (mostly) permanent. So it makes sense to want to take a tattoo idea for a test drive before signing up for the real deal. Momentary Ink offers convincing temporary tattoos that are designed to give you a good idea of what your tattoo will look like once it's on your body.

Traditional temporary tattoos have a whole host of problems, from looking unrealistic to getting a gross, sticky texture. It's also a lot harder to get custom designs without ordering in bulk. But this Philadelphia-based company has found a way around these problems and can offer custom tattoos that are genuinely convincing fakes. Users upload their own images or scroll through a large library of pre-drawn designs. If the customer isn't sure what they want or need an artist to draw their idea, Momentary Ink has artists on staff that can help bring those ideas to life.

Applying these tattoos is just like any other temporary tattoo—with one extra step. After placing the tattoo in the desired spot with water, the user needs to dab the area until dry. Next, they can add a thin layer of a blue solution over the tattoo. This helps the design better blend in with the skin.

The tattoos are nontoxic, waterproof, and can last anywhere between three and 10 days. The founder of Momentary Ink, Jordan Denny, says he experimented with over 50 combinations before finding the perfect formula for the tattoos.

"When it comes to the type of tattoos that people are getting today, it’s a lot harder to visualize and get on the paper exactly what you’re thinking," Denny told Mashable. "We allow them to really visualize what this thing is going to look like as an exact replica before they get it done."

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