Watch Jim Henson's (Slightly) Spooky 1965 'Shrinkel and Stretchel' TV Commercial

YouTube // The Jim Henson Company
YouTube // The Jim Henson Company / YouTube // The Jim Henson Company

In 1965, Compax Corporation's ad agency hired Jim Henson's company to make three TV ads. Compax sold a line of pre-shrunk cotton fabric called Pak-Nit RX, designed to resist shrinking in clothes dryers and stretching outside of them.

Henson and his partner Jerry Juhl ginned up three ads, including the tale of "Shrinkel and Stretchel" (loosely based on Hansel and Gretel). In the spot, the young duo encounter a witch (Taminella Grinderfall, voiced by Juhl), who puts them in an oven. Due to their aforementioned heat-resistance, they're unscathed. This attempted murder leads to an extended discussion of the positive properties of the brand.

So gather around, kids, and watch the eerie tale of two shrinkage-resistant Muppets!

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Note: There are unofficial videos online of the other two videos, Shrinkenstein and Rumple Wrinkle Shrinkel Stretchelstiltzkin (featuring Kermit!).