Instagram Set to Roll Out Shoppable Photo Tags

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Instagram is already a haven for lifestyle gurus and fashion mavens, and a change to the platform could make it even easier for users to obtain the items they covet. The service, which allows smart phones to share and edit pictures for both personal and commercial purposes, is set to begin testing shoppable tags for images, TechCrunch reports.

Here’s how it works: When a user is combing through images from an apparel brand like Kate Spade or eyeglass storefront Warby Parker, they’ll be able to hit a “Tap to View” icon that will bring up more detailed information about the products displayed. Another tap on a specific product will lead the user to a description and checkout options—all while remaining in the Instagram app.

Services like have already made it possible to source the items worn by your favorite style bloggers, but you have to wait for an email and then click through to the retailer in order to do so. Shoppable tags will cut out the middle man completely.

The service is set to roll out on iOS platforms with 20 retailers including Macy’s, Levi’s, Hollister, and Target. If it works, you can expect millions of Instagram images to become more interactive—and profitable—in the coming months.

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