Scottish Grandfather With 20 Jobs Named 'Britain's Hardest-Working Man'

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Billy Muir gives new meaning to the term “side hustle.” The 67-year-old grandfather from Scotland’s Orkney Islands has 20 different jobs—sheep farmer, firefighter, electrician, garbage collector, and airport worker, to name a few. To acknowledge his industrious spirit, BBC News reports, the Pride of Britain presented Muir with an award Monday evening (October 31), honoring him as “Britain’s hardest-working man.”

The Daily Mirror and TSB Bank host the annual awards ceremony, which is billed as an event that spotlights “truly remarkable people who make the world a better place." Members of the public nominate candidates, and winners are announced at a star-studded ceremony held in early November.

Muir was presented with a “Community Partner” award, given to individuals or a group of people who selflessly work to improve their local community. According to STV News, Muir was “very, very surprised” to learn the news. “I never in my wildest dreams expected anything like this to happen to me," he told the outlet.

Muir lives on the island of North Ronaldsay, which, due its small size, has a tight-knit community and labor force. Inhabitants work together to keep the island running smoothly, but Muir goes above and beyond.

“I’ve often wondered where the island would be if he didn’t do all those jobs,” Muir’s wife, Isobel, told The Scotsman. “He contributes so much to everything that goes on. It’s an ageing population and he’s one of the people that’s still strong and fit enough to do all this work.”

Muir has served his community for decades. He has worked as the North Ronaldsay lighthouse keeper for nearly 50 years, and he’s been a fireman for more than 30.

“It’s made me very happy, and it keeps me fit,” Muir told The Scotsman. “As long as I keep fit and healthy I’ve got no plans to retire.”

[h/t BBC News]