These Jeans Are So Heavy They Can Stand Up on Their Own


For raw denim obsessives, there’s much more to a pair of pants than how they fit around the waist. Different weights of fabrics fade in different ways, which is part of the allure for people who want their jeans to mold to their body and look completely unique. One denim enthusiast, the jean designer Ben Viapiana, has created the pinnacle of heavy denim—a pair of jeans so sturdy they can stand up on their own, as CNET reports.

The monstrous pair of pants is made of 38-ounce denim fabric—more than three times the weight of the fabric that makes up an average pair of jeans. A normal pair of lightweight jeans is made from fabric that weighs 12 ounces per yard, while mid-weight jeans are between 12 and 16 ounces. For a tactile reference, many styles of Levi’s jeans are classified as mid-weight denim, while lightweight jeans would be the kind you’d want to wear during the warmer months.

Viapiana claims his pants are the thickest jeans in the world, but they’re not going to be chafing your thighs anytime soon—the project was just for fun. For one, they're impossible to wear, he said on Facebook, or even to zip up. He even had to borrow sturdier sewing machines just to make them. That said, maybe someday they can stand up in some sort of denim-themed museum.

[h/t CNET]

All images courtesy Viapiana via Facebook