Watch the Lost Soup Sequence from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

You haven't seen the Disney classic as it was originally intended.
thingsandtings // YouTube
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) had quite a few memorable scenes in it: Snow White fleeing through the forest, the dwarfs dancing around in their cottage, the hag falling to her death, the silly soup scene. What, you don't remember the part where Snow White tries to teach table manners to the seven little men? That's because it got the ax less than six months before the film premiered.

The soup scene, as well as a scene where the dwarfs build Snow White a bed to try to convince her to live in the cottage, were still in the movie as of June 1937. At some point between then and the movie's December 21 premiere, however, Walt decided that both scenes were superfluous and had them removed to make the film more succinct. Animator Ward Kimball was devastated; he had spent almost a year and a half animating the soup sequence alone.

The soup-slurping and the bed-building scenes were nearly resurrected for a sequel called Snow White Returns, but fortunately, Walt nixed part two before it got too far off the ground. You can get a sense of what the scene would have looked like below. And if you can't get that catchy "Music In Your Soup" song out of your head, don't despair: It's featured on the Snow White soundtrack.