Nebraska Senator Moonlights as an Uber Driver

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Cash-strapped millennials aren’t the only ones who understand the value of a side hustle. As CNN reports, Republican senator Ben Sasse, who represents Nebraska, spent last Saturday night working as an Uber driver.

Members of Congress are forbidden from earning any money that isn’t related to their public service, so Sasse wasn’t motivated by financial gains. The politician explained his actions on Twitter, saying he was moonlighting for the rideshare service to show solidarity with Nebraska workers. Sasse’s office described the Uber job as being part of a larger “work tour.” (The money earned will be donated to charity.)

“Senator Sasse does tons of Nebraska work events, from changing tires on semi trucks to feeding cattle at 5 a.m.,” said a spokesperson in a statement quoted by The Guardian. “This work tour was built around the changing and dis-intermediated economy, a subject he talks about frequently.”

As Uber drivers likely know, the Saturday night shift isn’t all fun and games. "Pro-tip: If you throw up in an uber, the surcharge can be substantial,” Sasse tweeted. Still, he was able to find a silver lining, saying “It's a market incentive to get drivers to agree to work."

Sasse isn’t the only notable figure to try a rideshare gig on for size. As CNN reports, Elwood Edwards (the man who recorded AOL's "You've Got Mail" greeting) now works as an Uber driver, and basketball player Shaquille O'Neal recently went incognito and picked up passengers for Lyft, as part of the company’s "Undercover Lyft" series.

[h/t CNN]