Sacramento Animal Lover Offers to Cover All Adoption Fees at Local Shelter

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It’s expensive to get a pet. Adoption fees, vaccinations, spaying/neutering costs, and microchips add up—so to encourage more people to adopt rescue cats and dogs, WPTV reports that a Sacramento woman has offered to foot the bill for every animal adoption at a local shelter through December 31.

Relator/animal lover Kim Pacini-Hauch adopted a terrier named Teddy from Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter in 1984. Now, she wants others to follow her lead. According to the shelter, they are nearly at capacity, and an uptick in adoptions will help them make room to take in more pets. Pacini-Hauch hopes that paying the $85 adoption fee for dogs, and $65 for cats, will speed up the process.

So far, Pacini-Hauch’s generous scheme is working. According to The Sacramento Bee, the Front Street Animal Shelter posted Pacini-Hauch’s offer on Facebook on Tuesday night. When the shelter opened the next day, more than 250 people were waiting in line—and by mid-afternoon, all of its cats had been adopted, and 21 dogs had found new homes. Around 650 animals are still in foster care, and the shelter will take them in as the facilities become less crowded.

Live in the Sacramento area, and have an interest in adopting a furry companion of your own? Visit the Front Street Animal Shelter’s website or Facebook page for more information. (Keep in mind that adoption fees are waived, but you will still need to pay for your new pet to get fixed and vaccinated, among other costs.)

[h/t WPTV]