You Can Already Buy the New Oreo Chocolate Bars Online

Oreo / Oreo
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Earlier this week, Oreo's parent company Mondelez International delighted sugar lovers everywhere with the news that the beloved cookie would now be in chocolate bar form. The cookie is teaming up with German chocolate company Milka to bring fans two new candy bars this winter. The chocolate is hitting shelves nationwide in January, but if you can't wait that long (we know we can't) you can buy them on Amazon

There are currently two Oreo chocolate bars available, which have been selling in Europe since last year: a chocolate bar filled with vanilla creme and cookie chunks, and a "Big Crunch Bar," which Thrillist describes as "an inside-out Oreo stuffed into a chunk of German chocolate." 

Currently, Americans can already find 10.5-ounce Big Crunch Bars at select stores like Walmart, Kroger, ShopRite, and Albertsons. It's very likely your local Walmart is completely sold out of these coveted sweets, so it's a good thing we have the internet. Currently you can buy both varieties of the chocolate without having to fly to Germany or to fight off other patrons at the grocery store. The original chocolate bar sells in packs of three or five and the Big Crunch Bars are sold in single, 300 gram bars

If you're still looking for more creative ways to satisfy your cookie fix, Milka also makes Chips Ahoy! chocolate bars that look pretty darn good.