Lexus Created a Sriracha-Inspired Car, and It Comes With a Trunk Full of Hot Sauce

Lexus/Facebook / Lexus/Facebook

Lexus delivered one hot car for the Los Angeles Auto Show. According to Eater, the auto manufacturer teamed up with Huy Fong Foods to create the 2017 Sriracha Lexus IS, a hot sauce-inspired, entry-level luxury car.

Designed and created in just about three months, Lexus turned to the world-famous West Coast Customs to create the one-off custom car in order to spice things up for the event. Lexus promises that the car has “Sriracha in everything,” from its red-hot paint job with green accents to its "Hot Handling" steering wheel.

The hot chili sauce car also features a temperature control dial that goes from cool to “Sriracha Hot,” along with leather seats embroidered with the iconic Huy Fong Foods rooster logo. If that’s not enough hot sauce for you, it even comes equipped with 43 bottles of Sriracha in its trunk and a Sriracha-dispensing key fob for an emergency spice kick.

“We wanted to work with the original and were pleased that David Tran at Huy Fong Foods was open to collaborating with us,” Mariko Kusumoto, Lexus’s national marketing communications manager, said. “If you’re a fan of Sriracha, you know that the rooster bottle, green cap, and pure spiciness can’t be replicated and fans of the rooster sauce won’t settle for anything bland. It was a perfect pairing. This is our first food-inspired car and don’t have any other foodie cars planned right now.”

The Sriracha Lexus IS will be on display at the Los Angeles Convention Center from November 18 to 27, but the car company has no plans to sell or put the car up for auction at the moment.

[h/t Eater]