Google's Addictive New App Makes an A.I. Guess What You're Doodling


Recently, Google released a group of new online artificial-intelligence experiments powered by its cloud services, but one stands out more than the others. Quick, Draw! is a new game that guesses your drawings, no matter how crude, within a 20-second time limit, CNET reports.

Here’s how it works: Once you start the challenge, Google will tell you to draw something using your mouse on desktop or finger on mobile. Similar to charades or Pictionary, you have 20 seconds to draw it, and Google's A.I. will try its best to figure it out while tossing out possible answers using its advanced neural network technology. In fact, it uses the same handwriting technology as Google Translate. The game learns from its mistakes and tries to improve its recognition skills with each round. Items drawn can be simple like a paperclip or more intricate like a hospital, police car, or fireplace.

After playing for one round, I drew four correct items out of six, as Google’s A.I. had trouble figuring out my shovel and fireplace (or I just need to do a better job drawing them). When my drawings were incomprehensible, it chimed in with "I have no clue what you're drawing. Sorry I couldn't guess it." before it moved on to the next item to draw.

Quick, Draw! is similar to Draw Something, but you’re playing with a computer instead of a friend. It’s very addicting and a good way to kill your work productivity.

[h/t CNET]

Images: Google