New Social Media Photo Sharing App Is Just for Foodies

Nom/Facebook / Nom/Facebook

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a photo of your breakfast can be so much more. A new smartphone app called Nom is giving gastronomes more than just the ability to share their food porn. According to Fast Company, the app allows users to tell stories and share their experiences of cooking and discovering new and fun dishes, all while building a community of foodies and award-winning chefs.

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen and former YouTube engineering lead Vijay Karunamurthy created Nom to give users a way to share their love of fine food by putting together a series of photos, short video clips, and live broadcasts in one story to share and discover recipes, new restaurants, and food experiences. Think of it as a sustenance-only Instagram Story.

Though it’s only just launching, the app has already curated an impressive lineup of contributors, including Vice’s Munchies, ABC’s The Chew, and professional chefs like Corey Lee, Tim Hollingsworth, Brandon Jew, and Michael Tusk. So if you have a question or comment about a recipe or meal from a how-to video, the chef can respond to it in real time.

"Food touches people of all different cultures and backgrounds, people in different parts of the world," Karunamurthy told Fast Company. "It's become an important part of people's lives and what they want to share online about themselves."

Nom is free and now available for iOS and Android.

[h/t Fast Company]