Cheetos Is Selling a $20,000 Luxury Jewelry Set

Cheetos / Cheetos

Proving that nothing is impossible in 2016, a snack food brand has launched a limited-edition luxury jewelry collection. As Mashable reports, Cheetos is selling a bejeweled, 18-karat gold set of earrings and a ring called "Eye of the Cheetah," from the Chestora Collection. Only one set is available—and if you’re a brand devotee with $20,000 to spare, it can be yours. (Hey, it ain’t easy bein’ cheesy.)

The high-end jewelry is currently available for purchase on the Cheetos website. Keeping with the brand’s image, both the earrings and ring are cheetah-inspired, featuring black diamond “spots” and orange sapphires surrounded by halos of white diamonds. The baubles were reportedly designed by the snack food’s cartoon mascot, Chester Cheetah, but as a Cheetos executive revealed to Mashable, the suave jungle animal had a little help from a ghost designer in Dallas (home to Frito-Lay. Inc, the snack food’s parent company).

Considering its high price tag and niche appeal, Cheetos isn’t expecting just any fine jewelry collector to splurge on the set. "It's really [marketed] towards the ultimate Cheetos fan who really wants to put on display the love that they have for the brand," Ryan Matiyow, Cheetos’s senior director of marketing, told Mashable. “That's really who would be the hyper target, I would say, for the jewelry set."

While the Eye of the Cheetah set is marketed toward high-end customers, Cheetos is also trying to become a mass market retailer. The brand recently launched the Cheetos Holiday Collection, which includes products like  “Cheeteau Perfume” (yes, it smells cheesy) and a pair of paw-shaped, sterling silver cufflinks. They’re on sale through December 31, or while supplies last. (Items including a pair of “Flamin’ Hot Pants”  and a Cheetos-themed sleeping bag are already sold out.) 

[h/t Mashable]