Correct Your Posture With a Device That Tells You to Sit Up Straight

Poze / Poze

When you were a kid, well-meaning adults probably told you to sit or stand up straight. You likely shrugged and followed suit, or rolled your eyes and ignored them. But years (and multiple desk jobs) later, you—and your aching back—have to admit that the grownups of your childhood had a point.

Thankfully, there’s now a more technologically advanced way to correct bad carriage than your parents' nagging. Poze is a tiny wearable sensor that monitors the angle of your back’s position. If you slouch 15 degrees or more, it buzzes you after one minute, providing you with a gentle reminder to straighten your spine.

Since people presumably don’t want the world to know they’re struggling with bad posture (or they’re not a fan of the way wearables look), Poze is designed to be discreet. Secure it to the skin under your collarbone using hypoallergenic tape, or clip the tiny gadget onto your shirt. Once Poze is attached, turn it on with the push of a button. Start wearing Poze 15 minutes at a time, and gradually increase this amount to a few hours per day. By then, your body will have hopefully committed its newfound correct posture to muscle memory.

Poze recently received full funding on Indiegogo, and it’s now available for preorder, with a projected December 2016 delivery date. Consider buying it as a stocking stuffer for the person who has everything—everything that is, except for good posture.