Handy Kitchen Device Lets You Make Your Own Rolled Ice Cream

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If you're still looking for the right gift for that foodie in your life, consider getting them something that will keep on giving: an instant ice cream maker. The appliance lets users easily create rolled ice cream in mere minutes.

Thai street food carts have been doling out rolled ice cream for years, but the trend hasn't hit the United States until recently. When the ice cream parlor 10Below came to New York, hungry foodies lined up to taste (and photograph) the interesting frozen treat. The dessert was a sensation, with almost every food-centric blog (and beyond) covering the action. Now, you can make it yourself at home. With the Chef'n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker, whipping up a quick batch of ice cream is easier than ever.

The kit comes with a scoop, spade, and recipe book. To get started, just put the device in the freezer until it's cold. Next, pour the ice cream mixture onto the metal base and wait a few minutes. Once the mixture begins to freeze, use the spade to start curling and voila! Homemade rolled ice cream. Even at the onset of winter, that's something we can scream for.