Star Wars Fan Creates the Opening Crawl That Rogue One Is Missing

© 2016 - Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
© 2016 - Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. / © 2016 - Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Though it has been sitting atop the box office since its release last week, Rogue One—the latest installment in the Star Wars saga—has been repeatedly criticized for one glaring omission: the iconic opening crawl that has been a hallmark of the franchise since A New Hope first hit theaters nearly 40 years ago. So one enterprising fan decided to right this wrong.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles-based writer Andrew Shackley spent about an hour creating the opening crawl he would have liked to see kick off Rogue One, first writing the text then dropping it into the Star Wars Intro Creator, and posting the final product to Reddit, where it found some instant traction.

"When I was formulating the crawl, I needed it to do two things,” Shackley told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was important for it to conform to the pulpy style and language of the series, and it needed to contextualize the action we were about to see … If any film in the new Star Wars canon needed a crawl just to let people know where we are in time in this universe, it was Rogue One. At the very least, I feel these words give added weight to the opening prologue of the film."

Check it out for yourself below.

[h/t: The Hollywood Reporter]