Hyundai Announces Voice-Activated Features Through Google Home

Google / Google

The option to remotely start a car with the push of a button has long been a reality. But thanks to a new partnership between Hyundai and Google Home, Hyundai owners will soon be able to send commands to their vehicles without lifting a finger. The new feature allows all functions available through the car company’s Blue Link service to be activated with voice control, The Verge reports.

The collaboration was announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hyundai owners with Blue Link are already able to start their engines and unlock their doors using an Apple or Android device. When Hyundai launches their Google Home feature, users will be able to control their cars by talking into the voice-activated speaker inside their homes. Google Home can also send directions directly to your car from indoors. Just ask Google to search for a location and Blue Link’s Google Maps-powered Destination Search service will find the ideal route.

Voice-controlled virtual assistants are slowly expanding their reach beyond just our phones and laptops. Last month, Microsoft revealed that they were developing Cortana software for toasters, thermostats, and fridges. This latest project between Hyundai and Google Home marks one of the first occasions a digital home assistant will be used to control the vehicles parked in our driveways. Hyundai didn’t say when to expect the feature, but they plan to announce more capabilities before its release.

[h/t The Verge]