Watch Now as a 105-Year-Old Cyclist Tries to Beat His World Record

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At 105 years old, the French cyclist Robert Marchand is already a world record holder—several times over. In 2012, at age 100, he set the world record for most kilometers ridden in an hour by someone aged 100 or over, completing 24.251 kilometers (about 15 miles). In 2014, he broke his own record by 2.5 kilometers (another mile and a half). Now, he’s at it again. On Facebook Live (in view of an enthusiastic velodrome crowd), he’s trying for a third time to break his own record. The longtime cyclist is the reason the over-100 record category exists in the first place.

Update: Marchand did not break his 2014 record, biking 22.547 kilometers (14 miles). But at least he's officially created a new category: the 105-years and up world record.

[h/t Time]