Buckle Up!: Original Classmates Returning for The Magic School Bus Revival

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox / 20th Century Fox

It has been 20 years since Ms. Frizzle, her chameleon Liz, and the rest of The Magic School Bus gang went off the air. If the reruns haven’t been enough to sustain you in the time since, Netflix has good news: The beloved kids' program will be the latest series to receive their revival treatment, and you can expect some familiar cast members to return.

Netflix first announced plans for a reboot in 2014, and Stu Stone—who voiced Ralphie—recently shared details about the casting process. Stone will be reprising his role in the new version of the series, and he tells TMZ that several of the other original voice actors have signed on for the project as well. He also said that he has received interest from big name stars looking to get involved, and that the new episodes will feature “tons of cameos.”

When news of the revival first broke a few years ago, The New York Times reported that the show would be computer animated and included modern updates like a revamped bus and new gadgets. It was originally slated to premiere in 2016, but production reportedly just started getting underway. Guest stars have yet to be confirmed, but Dolly Parton, Carol Channing, Alex Trebek, and Tom Cruise (yep) are just some of the celebrities who’ve lent their voice talents to The Magic School Bus in the past. Fans will also have to wait and see if the new show comes with a new opening song, or if it keeps Little Richard's classic theme.

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