11 Geeky Hats to Keep Your Noggin Warm This Winter

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Ever hear that humans lose half their body heat through uncovered heads? Though that ubiquitous warning is total nonsense, a warm hat is still crucial for colder weather—because cold ears hurt. Protect your head with one of these unusual hat options.

1. MEGA MAN; $10

Make your wildest dreams come true and become Mega Man—or at least look like him. This officially licensed knitted beanie mimics the iconic helmet worn by the character. It's currently out of stock, but it's going to make a reappearance on the shelves in about two months.

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Keep yourself warm with the magic of a unicorn. This cozy hat/scarf/glove combo is perfect for staying covered up in cold weather. No actual unicorns were harmed during the making of this hood—it's cotton and polyester.

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If you put on the sorting hat, where would you end up? Probably Hufflepuff, but luckily we Muggles/No-Majs can decide for ourselves when picking out Harry Potter-themed headwear. Grab a beanie adorned with the crest of Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff.

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4. BLACK CAT; $16

Don't settle for a normal ribbed knit beanie when you can have one with little cat ears and an embroidered face. It will look great with the rest of your cat lady ensemble.

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5. POKEMON; $14

Play video games in style with this black embroidered beanie. The pom-pom adorned headwear is covered in a pattern of smiling Pikachu faces.

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This tube-shaped bandana can do it all. Creative dressers can fold and knot this polyester scarf to turn it into a variety of accessories to wear on the head or neck. The headwear can be used to keep heads warm or protect identities when dabbling in some vigilante work.

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Anything that lives on planet Hoth has to have a thick coat to stay warm in the arctic climate. This beanie incorporates the Star Wars creature's white fur and horns into its design. Thanks to the double lining and ear flaps, this hat is warmer than the inside of a tauntaun.

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8. DOCTOR WHO; $15

Let this TARDIS-inspired hat transport you to a world of warmth. The ear-flapped hat fits snuggly on most heads, so Whovians of all ages can enjoy.

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9. MINECRAFT; $12 - $25

Any builder in Minecraft is familiar with the dreaded Creeper. Now you can celebrate the annoying green monsters with a threatening looking beanie. Complete the look with a Creeper scarf and you're ready to start slinking around in the night.

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Some days you're Rick and some days you're more of a Morty. If you can't decide which of the titular characters best suits you, get a beanie that can do both.

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11. FIREFLY; $24

In an episode of the short-lived sci-fi show Firefly, tough guy Jayne Cobb gets a hand-knit beanie in the mail from his mother, which he happily wears. Now you too can look like Cobb with a matching beanie that was also hand-knit.

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