Sushi Bazooka Lets You Shoot Out Sushi Rolls in Record Time

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You don't have to go to a restaurant (or even take cooking classes) if you want a fresh sushi roll. Now making maki is easier than ever with the help of the handy Sushi Bazooka. The cannon-shaped kitchen device is the perfect item for making a ton of perfectly round rolls in record time. Hosting a party? Just really hungry? The easy-to-use cannon has you covered. Unlike traditional rolling mats, the bazooka offers a fool-proof design that makes the process easy, even for beginners.

To get started, line the inside of the tube with sticky rice. Next, add your desired ingredients in the middle (just like filling a burrito). Then simply push the plunger and watch the rice-lined creation pop out. You can wrap the roll in seaweed or cut immediately and serve as-is. And since you're making the rolls yourself, you can decide on the rice-to-filling ratio and how thick you want each roll.

If a roll isn't really your thing, you can also make rice cubes and spheres.

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