You Can Get Paid to Improve AI By Performing Simple Tasks

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Artificial intelligence is capable of amazing things (conquering Jeopardy, fighting disease), but it’s also been known to make some stupid mistakes (causing self-driving car accidents by being overly cautious). One way to make smart technology a little smarter is by crowdsourcing. According to Bloomberg, that’s the mission of the Seattle-based startup Mighty AI, and anyone can elect to lend a hand.

Formerly Spare5, Mighty AI is rebranding itself after raising $14 million in funds and announcing partnerships with Intel and Accenture. Their business premise is simple: After signing up, users can get to work completing simple tasks for small amounts of cash. Assignments may include captioning an image, describing a movie scene, or rating pictures of puppies. Each micro task is something an AI program can do; after gathering as much human data as possible, clients can use it to program their tech to be more authentic and accurate.

Mighty AI has worked with several big names in the past, including Microsoft, Expedia, Pinterest, and GoPro. Getty has used their data to categorize photos, and IBM used Mighty AI’s collective golf knowledge to create a Watson platform full of trivia about the sport.

Anyone can earn money through Mighty AI using their common sense, but workers that specialize in certain areas will have more opportunities to rise through the ranks. Radiologists, for example, can analyze tumor scans to help build better medical AI. As users improve their performances, they will have the chance to earn more money and accept more tasks from the site. You can sign up to lend your knowledge here.

[h/t Bloomberg]