A $10 Donation Can Better the World—and Make Idris Elba Your Valentine

Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Ian Gavan/Getty Images / Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Idris Elba is a man of many talents: a Golden Globe-winning actor, in-demand musician/DJ/producer, part-time fashion designer, anti-crime crusader, land speed record-holder, activist, and—if the odds are in your favor this year—possibly your Valentine’s Day date.

Omaze, a charitable website that auctions off once-in-a-lifetime hangs with A-list celebrities for good causes, has just teamed up with the talented star of The Wire and Luther to make Valentine’s Day 2017 one you’ll be telling your grandkids about—and it’s all for a great cause.

For every $10 you donate to Omaze’s “Be Idris Elba’s Valentine” campaign, you’ll be entered to win the grand prize: a candlelit dinner with Elba at one of his favorite restaurants where, according to Omaze, “you’ll enjoy delicious conversation and great food. You can talk about anything you want to: movies, music, your deepest desires. Idris is a great listener. He’s also a great talker. He’s pretty much great at everything. I mean, have you seen Luther?”

One caveat: the dinner won’t take place on February 14 precisely, it will be slightly belated, but you will be flown to whatever city Elba happens to be in at the time, with all your airfare and hotel expenses included. And, if you're in a sharing kind of mood, you’ll be allowed to bring along a friend.

Best of all, all donations will benefit W.E. Can Lead, a nonprofit organization that, according to its mission statement, ensures "young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development, and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders who are able to impact every area of society across the continent of Africa.” Which means that everyone who takes part will come out a winner. (Okay, one a little more so than the rest.)

[h/t: The Cut]