Get the Perfect Pour-Over with a Super-Smart Electric Kettle

Fellow / Fellow

Attention, coffee control freaks: you’re going to want to see this. The folks at Fellow have invented a smart and elegant electric kettle to give you total power over every element of your pour-over.

The Stagg EKG is the latest iteration of the Fellow team’s award-winning kettles. Fans of the original stovetop Stagg praised its design, but pour-over coffee is a science, and they wanted more precision in their instruments.

Enter the all-electric Stagg EKG. The EKG marries the shape and efficiency of its predecessor with fine-tuned heat controls to allow aficionados to set the temperature of their medium—that is, hot water—at the optimal level for their chosen blend, roast, or tea leaves. A small LCD screen displays both the set temperature of the water and its current temperature.

Those of you who want even more control might be interested in the EKG+, a smart version of the kettle that can be operated from a mobile phone and interact with other kitchen appliances.

All three of the Stagg kettles were introduced via Kickstarter. The EKG campaign set a goal of $100,000. At the time of this writing, backers have pledged nearly three times that much.

For more on the kettle’s design and talents, check out the (delightfully goofy) product video below from Fellow founder Jake Miller.