Watch a Fan Trailer for Singin’ in the Rain Set to the Music of La La Land

YouTube / YouTube

Fans of Singin’ in the Rain are in for a treat when they sit down to watch La La Land. The 2016 movie musical is peppered with references to the 1952 film, from subtle allusions like the use of red and yellow to more obvious nods, like Ryan Gosling’s swing around a lamp post à la Gene Kelly.

The tribute definitely wasn’t lost on YouTube user The Unusual Suspect. In his trailer mash-up, spotted by Entertainment Weekly, Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds laugh, dance, and look wistfully into each other’s eyes to the tune of La La Land’s “City of Stars.” Though it takes place in modern-day Los Angeles, composer Justin Hurwitz’s music is a perfect fit for the old-school Hollywood classic.

In addition to the success of La La Land, Singin’ in the Rain has been back in the news for a bittersweet reason: the death of Debbie Reynolds at the end of last year. Whether or not you made it to theaters this week to revisit the film on the big screen, it's worth checking out the fan trailer below.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]