Have You Seen This Bobcat? Ollie Escapes From National Zoo

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In one of the most daring zoo escapes of recent memory, the National Park announced on January 30 that Ollie, a 25-pound female bobcat, had been reported missing from her enclosure shortly after breakfast.

After a search of the grounds and an investigation of her pen, it was discovered that a small hole in the mesh above Ollie’s space may have allowed her to squeeze out. The 7-year-old—one of three bobcats in the Washington zoo—is not believed to be dangerous to humans, but may dine on small pets and chickens. Zoo officials are hoping she’ll return to her home, but wandering in the adjacent Rock Creek Park might prove attractive as well. Some residents have already claimed to have spotted her in the Cleveland and Woodley Park areas near the zoo.

“She’s very standoffish,” Craig Saffoe, the zoo's cat curator, told reporters during a press conference. “[She's] not super friendly. It would be extremely easy on us if she were a cat who would come when called, but that’s not who this individual is.”

The National Zoo is no stranger to break-outs. Previously, a vulture and a red panda named Rusty experienced a brief taste of freedom before being retrieved. If you see this bobcat, the National Zoo would like to hear from you at 202-633-7362.

[h/t Washington Post]