Listen to 10 Famous Presidential Speeches From History

Central Press/Getty Images
Central Press/Getty Images / Central Press/Getty Images

Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is one of the most notable presidential addresses in history, but that doesn’t mean other U.S. presidents haven’t had their fair share of memorable speeches. The podcast platform Acast gathered up one such speech from each president since John F. Kennedy, collecting audio from some of the most important addresses of the last 50 years.

Most are inaugural addresses, but a few notable speeches midway through presidents’ tenures made the cut, like the voting rights speech Lyndon B. Johnson delivered to Congress in 1965 and Jimmy Carter’s 1979 “Crisis of Confidence” speech.

In honor of President’s Day, take a listen to some of the things our past leaders have had to say to the country. All 10 can be found here. And if that's too modern, there are some audio files available of presidential speeches from the early 20th century here.