How Pixar Changes Movies for International Audiences

Oh My Disney via YouTube
Oh My Disney via YouTube /

Oh My Disney via YouTube


How well domestic movies fare at the international box office has quickly become one of the most important contributors to their overall financial success. Rather than simply drop a film into Japanese or Chinese theaters with nothing more than subtitles added, studios have taken to tweaking and customizing major releases for foreign markets. For example, 2013’s Iron Man 3 featured extended sequences referencing China that were left out of the U.S. cut.

The powerhouse computer animation studio Pixar is no different, although their customizations can usually be accomplished less with passports and more with the click of a mouse. The Disney fact guide Oh My Disney recently posted a video offering side-by-side comparison shots of Pixar’s subtle changes for different audiences.

In addition to translating the language in their titles and dialogue, movies like Up can also wind up replacing imagery to make it more accessible to foreign-language viewers. The change jar in Up, which originally read "Paradise Falls," was screened overseas with a jar depicting an image of Paradise Falls; in Inside Out, a fussy baby is fed bell peppers instead of broccoli in Japan, since broccoli is well-liked in Japan.

You can take a look at more differences in the video below:

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