Watch a Vinyl Record That Produces a Star Wars Hologram

YouTube // Techmoan
YouTube // Techmoan / YouTube // Techmoan

Last June, a special edition of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack was released on vinyl, with a special bonus: holograms that appear to float above, and beneath, the discs.

In the two-disc set, each has a B-side that contains music on the outer edge of the disc, and a specially etched center area. In that center area is the nifty hologram. You set the disc playing and point a directional light (like a small flashlight) at the center area. When viewed this way, two 3D holograms appear and rotate—and you're simultaneously playing the soundtrack! The etchings were made by Tristan Duke.

The two holograms are the Millennium Falcon and a TIE Fighter. In this video, we see the holograms in action—including a test on a vertical record player, which works just as well. Enjoy: